BIC's 11th Annual Mu'tamar

Friday November 23, 2018 - 12:50:37
Abdullahi Xagalle
You are cordially invited to the Boston Islamic Center 11th Annual Mu'tamar starting this Friday,November 23rd at the English High School.
Sheikh Yusuf Abdulle will be kicking off mu'tamar weekend with the Khutbah tomorrow. The sermon/khutbah will begin promptly at 1:00 PM and will end with prayer at 1:40 PM. It will be held at our masjid, 2870 Washington Street.The topic 

For this week's sermon will be:
تربية الأولاد مسؤولية الآباء
The Raising of Kids is the Responsibility of the Fathers

What else do we have in store?

Highly Qualified Speakers

This year we'll be joined by Sheikh Yusuf Abdulle, Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya, and our new Imam, Sheikh Mohamed Sirat. We'll also have an amazing lineup of local sheikhs from Maine and surrounding areas. The theme of the mu'tamar is"Allah Knows"based on ayah 29 in Surah Al-Imran.

Day Camp For Young Children

Parents can thoroughly enjoy the Mu'tamar experience by registering their children for the kids day camp. We'll be accepting children between 4-12 years old for a small fee of $5/kid per day.


Enjoy personalized, in-depth workshops with your favorite Shuyookh. An exciting opportunity to ask questions, gain knowledge, and participate in lively discussion. Workshops will be conducted by Sheikh Yusuf and Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya.

Award Ceremony

As always, we'll be celebrating the accomplishments of student's who've successfully completed the Qu'ran and farbarad before we close off for the weekend.May Allah be pleased with them.
You don't want to miss this. Bring your family, friends, and all those who enjoin good. May Allah swt. make this a spiritually stimulating experience for all of us.