September BIC Construction Update

Sunday September 15, 2019 - 11:23:27
September 15 Update: The dividing wall between the main area and the extension has been demolished meaning that all masjid operations will be held in the tent until further notice. Please continue to attend prayers and dugsi classes and support us financially in person and here on our website.

Boston Islamic Center

  Construction is up and Running

Construction is finally underway by the will of Allah. We’ve come so far from renting a house as a masjid to owning almost 2 blocks of land. As planned we are expanding the masjid from the back. The construction workers will attach the new building from the back. The masjid is still open to the community while in construction. 

On Saturday the back wall of the masjid was finally detached. The extended masjid will support a lot more room for prayer, a new bathroom, a kitchen and even a dome. Other new features will include a new paint job on the exterior and perhaps the interior as well. The masjid will also have new windows, a minbar and an outside wudhu station. We hope to see you all in the coming weeks as we witness together 

this beautiful transformation of our beloved masjid.

The masjid operations such as dugsi classes and prayers will be held in the tent for the next few weeks while construction is underway inside the main hall. Please continue to attend the masjid and work with us through these changes.

As construction comes to an end, we really need your support to help us meet our extension goals. Support us by donating here on our website or in person at the Boston Islamic Center. You can do one time payments or sign up to pay $25 dollars each month which can go a long way to helping us cover overhead costs and operation costs.

                                                                   من بنى لله مسجدا، بنى الله له قصرا في الجنة‏.‏

       Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build a palace for him in Paradise. (Ibn Abi).