The Believers Optimism | Upcoming events, Summer jobs for youth

Wednesday June 24, 2020 - 01:03:07
Abdullahi Xagalle
Alhamdulilah, we are excited to announce an upcoming youth retreat event with Sheikh Mohammad ElShinawy.

Youth Retreat Event Next Saturday, June 27th at 6 PM


The Sheikh is a graduate of English Literature – Brooklyn College, NYC. Studied at the College of Hadith at the Islamic University of Madinah and is currently completing Bachelor's in Islamic Studies at Mishkah University. He has translated major works for the International Islamic Publishing House, the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, and Mishkah University.

In light of the numerous issues facing Muslims today with the Coronavirus pandemic, masjid closures, social distancing, political unrest, and countless other sad and disheartening experiences, the Sheikh will discuss the importance of optimism and positivity in the life of the Believer. The event will take place via ZOOM. Email for the Zoom link or DM us on Instagram: BICyouthretreat. Spread the khayr, invite your friends, family, and share widely. Open to everyone age 13+. 

Boston Islamic Center youth between the ages of 15-24 are encouraged to apply for the various summer employment opportunities being provided by the City of Boston. 

As part of this effort, the City has launched two new summer jobs programming: 1) Blue Shirt program for youth to work outdoors in various beautification projects and 2) Post-secondary track for youth to GET PAID to take FREE courses (for college credit!) at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Bunker Hill Community College, Roxbury Community College, and Urban College of Boston in business, early childhood, human services, and technology. Below please find flyers with information on how to apply:

1.    Blue shirt program flyer and application link is here.

For questions, email 

2.    Post-secondary track for 15-18 year old youth.

For questions, email lynn.m.sanders@boston. gov

3.    Post-secondary track for 19-24 year old youth.

For questions email lynn.m.sanders@boston. gov 

If you have any questions or need help navigating the process, email