Kusoo dhawaada Muxaadarada Bisha Ramadan 2014

Thursday June 12, 2014 - 22:24:50
Abdullahi Xagalle
Assalaamu Calaykum Waraxmatullahi Wabarakaatu… Brothers and sisters, the Masjid Altaqwa would like to invite you to the welcoming sermon of the great Month of Ramadan on June 20,2014. Allah blessed us this great month and our obligation is to get prepared for this great opportunity so we can get us much rewards as we can. let's us revive our intentions and know some of the things that will help us to get us much rewards as we can.


All of us are invited to know some of the things that may help us stay motivated during this great Month of Ramadan. Our Guest speaker is Sheikh Adan Abdulle, Imam of Ibnu Tayymiya of Columbus Ohio. this is once year sermon and those of us who happen to live this far know this is a great blessing that the creator wants you to witness. see more info on the flyer.