Altaqwa Youth Friday Halaqah Dec 27, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters we are extremely proud and thankful to Allah for the monthly youth meeting that we hosted here at the Boston Islamic Center. In this month's version, we focused mainly on giving advice and mentoring our teenagers.

We had wonderful lectures that were conducted by some of the youth leaders. We also had words of wisdom that were given out by our sheikhs (Sh Abdirizaq Hashi & Sh Abdullahi Ibrahim). These sheikhs however were not present at the event and conducted their live casting via Skype.

Brothers and sisters, Boston Islamic Center wants you to know that we care about our community's efforts in bringing togetherness and unity among the leaders oftomorrow. Please if you can contribute to this cause we sincerely and deeply appreciate your efforts. In addition to that, we have interviewed several members of the youth for activities that they would like their masjid to host. They mainly asked for these key elements for the development of the youth in our community:

1) Create a boys soccer team
2) More sports activities
3) Bring more teachers to the Dugsi
4) Use interactive teaching methods (Power point, note taking etc.)

Also, Boston Islamic Center tried to bring the older youth back to the masjid and to interact within the community, however it's a project still under progress. Please, we ask for your help in making this a wonderful community together, Amen.