We are reaching out to you as board members of the Boston Islamic Center Masjid in Boston. We are a community of Somalis that started off as refugees resettled to the United States. Today, there are about 10,000 Somalis living in Boston and its surrounding areas. To meet the religious needs of our community, we were able to establish a Masjid and learning center on January 19th, 2001 on a small property that was available for rent. Over the years as our membership base has grown we were continuously strained by the lack of space. Since we could not afford to expand into a larger property, we made due by dividing our students into three or four groups that attended the Masjid during different sessions throughout the day.

                After more than 15 years in these conditions, we were shocked to learn that the land we were renting was purchased by developers without much notice. In less than a year, after a major fundraising and outreach campaign, we were able to purchase a 27,400 sq ft piece of land in the heart of Boston for about 1.5 million dollars. Due to a lack of funds, we were only able to renovate the existing 1,700 sq ft structure for prayer and other immediate needs, meaning we currently have over 25,000 sq ft of desperately needed and undeveloped land available to us.

                   We are asking our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters whom Allah has blessed with bounty, wealth, and resources, to help us develop the rest of the land and build a sufficiently sized Masjid and Islamic school so that we may protect and preserve our people and guard our religion.

                  Our Masjid currently offers numerous services, including Quran and Islamic classes. There are about 300 students that are enrolled in our learning center and programming that happens everyday of the week. The current space is simply too small to fit the needs of our community. Our students are forced to study in one large open classroom among numerous teachers and students due to the lack of classrooms. Moreover, when our students finish the Quran, they currently do not have any Islamic institutions available to them locally where they can further their study of Islam and protect their Islamic identity.

                  We are currently in Phase II of our Masjid expansion project. Phase II involves the removal of the soil right behind the current structure. We are planning on tearing down our rear walls to build a similarly sized (2,800 sq ft)space right beside the building. We have already spent $101,299 removing the soil and are now ready to begin construction. The City of Boston just approved our permit and estimated our total construction cost at about $600,000. With your generous support we can lay the foundation for the Islamic institution our community so desperately needs. As our kind and generous brothers in faith, we hope that we will receive your immediate financial support for the sake of Allah.